Finally, the solution to a big problem!

The Problem

A common handling and brake upgrade for Vespa is to fit the Zip or ET2 fork and disc brake.

Normally in a racing motorcycle you have a wider rear tyre and wheel rim than the front tyre. This helps the bike to turn.

Racing scooterists using the ZIP/ET2 front wheel on our racing Vespas have a problem though. The front wheel of a Zip is 2.5-inches wide while the standard Vespa rear wheel is 2.1-inches wide.

If you use a 2.1 rim in the rear with a Zip fork then your front wheel would be wider than the rear. This is completely wrong!

If you fit a 2.5-inch ‘wide’ rear wheel to match the 2.5-inch Zip front wheel then you have matching wheel sizes. This is better but it is still not the optimum set-up.

The Solution

With the PLC Corse 036WH wheel hub then you have the option to fit a 2.1-inch rim to the Zip/ET4 forks. This can be matched to the 2.1-inch standard rear rim so both are the same width like on a normal Vespa.

Alternatively you can fit a 2.1 inch rim on the front and a 2.5-inch rim on the rear. This is the optimum solution.


Fitting a narrow tyre on the front wheel offers reactive response in cornering

Reduced weight. This hub is 30% lighter than an original center spider.

This rim adaptor will fit on lots of forks like ZIP ET2 PX PK. So you can use it on a left-hand fork and right-hand fork.

We have tested this system with many types of brake calipers. With the open hub design air can freely flow through the wheel offering improved brake cooling.

The 036WH will take any 2.1 wheel for the traditional Vespa; tube type or tubeless, single piece or split rims.


The PLC Corse 036WH is totally CNC machined from a solid alloy billet.

It will be available in Gold, Black or Silver.

First stock of the 036WH is expected around Christmas time. Of course you can pre-order. We are sure any Vespa rider would be very happy to find this under their Christmas Tree!

The 036WH is priced at 274,00 Euros