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Manufacturer of tuning parts for Vespa.
We design and develop parts exclusively for oldtimer Vespa and Lambretta scooters.
All our parts are made in Italy by the best Italian manufacturers.
PLC Corse parts are only for race use.
They are tested extensively in the ESC European championship and Italian VPI and Polini Cup.
We sponsor top riders Robert Leibfarth and Mateo Piacentini.
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PLC Silent Blocks for Lambretta

We are happy to announce our new line of PLC Silent Blocks for Lambretta engines. They are available in two varieties. The green colored model is softer and designed for daily road use, whereas the orange colored model is harder and meant for aggressive racing usage. The Silent Blocks are easily mounted and removed through the use of a circlips, whilst the outside basket stays inside your engine swingarm, for maximum protection of the PLC Silent Block. With this design, it is possible to swap the PLC Silent Blocks at a moment’s notice, for example when you decide to go for a swift track day with your daily rider.

The PLC Silent Blocks come with a bronze bearing that prevents the rubber from twisting and distorting. The free movement of the bearing increases the life time of the PLC Silent Block in contrast to the shorter life span of the stock models. A better feedback from your bike also helps to fine tune the suspension.

The PLC Silent Blocks have been successfully tested on both the road and the race track, with championship winning performances in the BSSO and the ESC by the Casa Performance team. It is from these race models that the softer road model has been developed from. In the process, we discovered that softer material will lead to faster deterioration and decreased durability. As a counter measure, we added small holes on the inside of the Silent Blocks that remove major vibrations while keeping longevity the same. We are very proud of our research and development results and with the addition of the PLC Silent Blocks, your Lambretta will be riding steadily through the corners at minimal vibrations.



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