racing vespa px 

                      PLC Silent Blocks 036sb7x for P200 and T5

As Vespas in general were not meant to be raced at the limit, some parts of the frame and the engine need to be upgraded in order to get a direct feedback from the road through the bike to the rider. To combat the softness and wobbliness of the stock rubber silent blocks mounted in all P200 and T5 engine cases, PLCCorse Silent Blocks 036sb7x were developed out of years of race track experience. They are made from urethane, a synthetic high-quality rubber compound, industry standard for many high wear items such as skate board wheels. It provides proper feedback to the rider and stabilizes the bike on the road. potential.

The PLC Silent Blocks come with a bronze bearing that prevents the rubber from twisting and distorting. The free movement of the bearing increases the life time of the PLC Silent Block in contrast to the shorter life span of the stock models. A better feedback from your bike also helps to fine tune the suspension.

The PLC Silent Blocks are an essential upgrade for rider, from the sport-oriented tourer to the aggressive apex-grinder.


Price: €60,00


(For race track use only)